More Videos

Here are a few video examples from some of the courses and game modes.  These are shot in VR with an Oculus Rift headset, but it will run on regular monitors just as well.  Single and triple monitors are supported.


Top Speed Shootout at Lotus Lake

This design is a 600 horsepower twin engine running on the ragged edge, battling chine walk the whole way.  Can you design a boat that’s faster and easier to control?


Solo Time Trial Courses

Designing boats for top speed is one thing, designing them to turn well is quite another.   There are a series of lapped courses with turns marked by buoys that take from under one minute to several minutes per lap, including a run down a huge stretch of Glen Canyon that can take over 30 minutes one way.   Lap count on most courses is user adjustable (up to 500).

Here’s a short course at Lotus Lake in Chanhassen, MN, running a nearly flat-bottom boat designed to turn hard:

Another short course in Glen Canyon, Utah:

Here’s a bigger course that’s good for large (40′-50’+) offshore type boats in a large bay in Glen Canyon, Utah, a few miles away from the short course in the last video:


“Free As The Wind” Mode:

The speedboat sim also has a free drive (go anywhere you want with no timers) mode that can be useful for real world training and practice, or to just cruise around and take in the sights of the real world, satellite generated terrains.  With a steering wheel and pedal set plugged in, you can learn to anticipate and control chine walk, learn to trim and adjust the jackplate for high speed running, and learn to deal with the complicated dynamics of boats navigating high speed turns.