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Steam Release Date Announced : July 26, 2016 (14 replies and 12 comments)

Todd Wasson
5 years ago
Todd Wasson 5 years ago

"Design it, Drive it : Speedboats" is in the review queue at Valve for release on Steam on July 26, 2016. If everything goes smoothly it'll release on (or possibly before) that date.

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(Forums here are a little goofy with links. Just copy the part in quotes or search on Steam for "Design it, Drive it : Speedboats.")

Current players that bought the product through the website will be given a free Steam key upon request after release so they can play it through Steam. To sign up for a key so you can play it on Steam, reply to this thread. Keys should become available a day or two after the Steam release at the latest.

Only one key will be issued per player, so don't share your key or you won't be able to play it on Steam without buying the product again.

All current, active players are encouraged to play through Steam for a couple of reasons. First, there are two separate top speed leaderboards. One is here at the main website and the other is on the Steam server. These are two separate systems, part of the last patch (1.216) was a new leaderboard system that combines the results from both leaderboards and displays that at the end of a top speed shootout run. Steam users can see everyone's results while non-Steam users can only see the results of other non-Steam users. So it's best for everyone to be on Steam.

Another big benefit is that the Steam servers are much faster than the server here at I'm getting download speeds of some 7MB/sec or so through the Steam servers, so getting a new patch often only takes a few seconds, maybe up to a minute if it's a big one.

5 years ago
kbash 5 years ago

Hey I can't find my steam key. Looking in inbox and spam.

Todd Wasson
5 years ago

That's because you never requested one. 🙂

I've just sent you a key. Have fun!

5 years ago

My bad man. Understood wrong. Thank you..

5 years ago

Happy Boating, kbash!

5 years ago
Tyler 5 years ago

Ok, I know I'm really late to the party but I need a steam key

Todd Wasson
5 years ago

You're all set now, right?

4 years ago
KWubs 4 years ago

Is it still possible to receive a steam key? (Yeah I'm really, really late to the party)

3 years ago
dah72094 3 years ago

Hello, I am late to the party as well. I would like to get a steam key if it is still possible. Thank you.