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Todd, just found your program recently and obviously I am signed up. My question relates to the mesh for the boats. My interest here is hull design and modification. Having driven a bass boat with Merc 150 and a small pad and similar hull design to your renderings it hits home that the renderings behave remarkably like the real thing. Tilt Trim inputs right up to the chine walk and blow over. It seems you have the physics down pat. Could this program be used to design or modify an existing REAL hull, ie, input the parameter of the hull change prop pitch, cup, rake etc and see virtually how the boat would perform? Prop selection for real boats is pretty much seat of the pants testing, experience,trial and error, you get the idea. Seems to me marine dealers and manufacturers may have a use for a TOOL.

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other boats?

i know that this game is in a very early stage, do you ever plan on adding other boats?