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Thanks! Glad you’re enjoying it. Probably the quickest/easiest way would be to increase the molded depth. That’ll make the boat deeper which should generally bring the seat down.

Another way is to keep the “floor depth goal” at 21 inches if you’re not already. Another option is to move the seat down and to the left by reducing “Seats->Right position” a bit. That’ll bring the seat closer to the center which will lower it as it follows the vee down the hull toward the center. It might muck up your high speed handling balance though so you might have to widen the boat a little bit.

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loving this sim so far!!!!

got this yesterday finally broke 103 with the keyboard. setting up wheel tonight see if I can control the chine walk. I have to say I hop you get the support you need to continue with this sim. a multiplayer would be incredible if it was ever possible.

I have a question about the gauges if I sit forward I cant get them to show fully is there any way to see them other then raising the dash?