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Sounds like you’ve got it tuned really nicely. Congrats on 113 mph. 🙂

I thought about doing a HUD overlay awhile back and decided against it. I tend to think they make things look a little bit too gamey, but it would indeed be useful at least in the external view. In the Oculus Rift it’s tricky because the user interface has to be in 3D space rather than just drawn on the screen on top of everything else. In that case the GUI can go through the boat or steering wheel and that sort of thing. Aside from that, I really wanted the internal view to be nothing but the real gauges without any overlays anyway. It makes it feel more like you’re in a real boat.

I’ll keep that in mind for a later patch though, maybe in external view a 3D display would be fine. It seems to work ok in the hull designer screen anyway.

Pad width: Not sure what it was on the fastest boats. Think I’m usually in the neighborhood of 8-12 inches. I don’t run any pad height usually because it can goof up how the boat turns. The left/right sides of the pad act like rudders probably more than they do in reality. That’s why I added the side angle in there (I should probably rename that to “pad deadrise” to let you reduce that effect.

Original Post by jackwilliam

highest mph?

just wanted to start a friendly competition on who could achieve the highest speed that they possibly could, i personally have gotten 105mph before backing off of the throttle due to lack of space. i’d love to hear anybody elses numbers!