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That looks cool. How does it handle? One of my fastest ones was a real handful just to get up to speed. It started chine walking early.

I see you’ve got a pretty wide pad there. I think mine was a lot narrower which is probably one reason it was so tough to hang on to. Later I figured out how to stabilize it a lot more, but don’t recall exactly what I did.

In case you didn’t know yet, you can hit the F1 key while out on the water to see more cameras and so forth. If you hit “tab” it’ll bring up the force vectors and water/hull intersection so you can see exactly what the boat is doing from an external cam. It can be a bit tricky to drive it that way unless you’ve got a force feedback steering wheel with the steering set to mechanical in the controller setup screen, but I’ve found it’s very useful in figuring out how to make the boats run faster and/or with more stability.

I’ve learned quite a bit about what makes fast boats work just by playing with the forces view. That even influenced the decisions about which parameters were going to be in the hull designer screen to begin with.

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highest mph?

just wanted to start a friendly competition on who could achieve the highest speed that they possibly could, i personally have gotten 105mph before backing off of the throttle due to lack of space. i’d love to hear anybody elses numbers!