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Would you guys be interested in an in-game leaderboard? That might make things a bit more fun. Maybe I could set up a couple pairs of buoys on Lotus Lake set some distance apart so it’d time you through a quarter mile or something to get an official speed.

If that sounds interesting, maybe it’d be a good idea too to do different classes so it’s not all just about making some 14 footer with a 300 hp. Maybe split things up by length and power so you’ve got a few classes like “18-19 foot 200 hp” that kind of thing? I want to add multiple engines too so bigger boats can be useful, so maybe “triple engine 24 foot 300 hp” class or something like that could be a type of option. 300 doesn’t really cut it for the bigger boats..

Any ideas? What would you guys like to see there?

Original Post by jackwilliam

highest mph?

just wanted to start a friendly competition on who could achieve the highest speed that they possibly could, i personally have gotten 105mph before backing off of the throttle due to lack of space. i’d love to hear anybody elses numbers!