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Short Track Times (1 reply)

6 years ago
Guy 6 years ago

Hello fellas just picked this up yesterday and fell in love. I see all this hype about drag boats but wheres the love for the short track? my quickest time so far as been 00.55.31. Whats your fastest? I need a goal to beat!

You can check out my run here <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Keep in mind this hull is still in testing phase so expect this lap time to improve

6 years ago
jackwilliam 6 years ago

i wish i would've seen this sooner, on the course that youre talking about (short course on the lake map) ive managed to get 52.17 with a 16 ft boat with a 300 off of the back of it. i found that making the boat as small and balanced as possible is the key to mangaing a good time, i feel like a boat with 900 horses on the transom is more reserved for the longer courses on the canyon map where you can really exploit the boat for all it has to offer.

love the set up!