Design it, Drive it: Speedboats: new forum reply to other boats?

New reply from Todd Wasson

Hi, Jack.  I posted in the offshore forum about that about the same time that you signed up here, by the looks of it.  Didn’t see your post until now.   I’ll just say this for future lurkers if and when they begin to show up:

Other boat types would be interesting to do, but I don’t want to promise anything or lead anyone on about that by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.   It’s too early to say for sure.   

The first release will just have the single engine outboards.   They’re quite customizable, you can change the deadrise angles, length, width, pad design, cockpit size and so forth to just about anything you could probably want.  So despite pretty much the same boat design being shown in all the videos, there’s quite a bit of variety ready to play with just with the outboards.   

As for jetboats, inboards, cats, tunnels, offshore, and so forth, fundamentally different hull types like those require a lot more work (a new procedural mesh generator has to be written for each one, essentially) so a decision on that will wait until I see what the sales are like.   If there’s no money coming in then I won’t be able to afford to continue forever and will have to do something else.  I’m hoping it will be successful enough to continue and do other boats too.  We’ll see what happens… 

Original Post by jackwilliam

other boats?

i know that this game is in a very early stage, do you ever plan on adding other boats?