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Yeah, Glen Canyon is a huge map and fun to drive. I thought it’d be nice because it’s got a couple big open areas as well as the narrow, windy river sections. I think it took me more than 30 minutes to go from one end of the river to the other.

Future development: I don’t want to make any promises about that. Folks (rightly) have a tendency to get their expectations up and then get angry if things don’t move along as quickly as they think they will. For now I’ll just say that I’d like to add multiple starting positions at some point as well as at least a couple more maps.

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maps and races

i just made my first run from one end to the other on Glen canyon, and wow..thats a very large map (took me roughly a half hour) from the starting point i went to both ends of the map, i went to the left to the end and secondly went from the starting point to the right.the first run took me 11 min and 54 seconds, a quite intense 11:54 as well. the boat is much like the one i used on my speed runs but i lengthened it and was easier on the trim so i wouldnt blow over. i ran the course once in third person so i roughly knew the course, when i actually ran the timed course i ran in first person and it was a pretty fun challenge to carry the most speed you could throughout the corners. when i went from the spawn point to the right, on my second run, i achieved a time of 14 min and 3 seconds. much like my speed challenge, i invite anyone and everyone to beat this time (and if you do show me your set up)
i love the canyon map, i really started to explore it today and its very fun to traverse. only suggestion is to have several different starting places throughout the map and to include a map and live location of your boat on this map (needs this very badly).
along with this map you should incorporate a map of just open water (or a very large body of water)
i know that you have mentioned this in my other topics but i wanted to address the question in a new, organized thread. how often are these going to come out? what should we expect in these im not looking for specific details, just how much content will be in them and the amount of time theyll roughly be released in, for example like once a month or every six months