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Thanks, Piazz. I appreciate the encouragement.

The lack of multiplayer or any kind of racing at the moment is the main reason I haven’t put it on Steam yet. Steam is a little different crowd, I’m focused on marketing it to high performance boating enthusiasts first. They seem to be pretty happy just having a way (finally) to tinker with boat designs and just drive them around. I may move on to Steam down the road, but the product features need to be lined up for that, I think. There’d need to be some racing in it or gamers will probably rip it to shreds. You only really get one shot on Steam, so if I do that it needs to be done right the first time.

My main focus right now is just on the marketing/business side to get this out there to the right crowd and make sure the support and so forth is streamlined. It’s not quite making enough yet to fund future development, but it’s not too far off. If excited players can help spread the word, it may not take too much more to make it workable. 🙂

On the technical side, I want to do more types of boats besides the outboard vee bottoms. So there’s a lot of things like that to figure out before getting to multiplayer anyway. I.e., how to handle different boat types in multiplayer and that kind of thing. The whole “design your own boat” aspect will complicate that quite a bit, and the physics are too intensive to do much in the way of AI racers. So if there’s any racing at all it’d probably have to be multiplayer.

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loving this sim so far!!!!

got this yesterday finally broke 103 with the keyboard. setting up wheel tonight see if I can control the chine walk. I have to say I hop you get the support you need to continue with this sim. a multiplayer would be incredible if it was ever possible.

I have a question about the gauges if I sit forward I cant get them to show fully is there any way to see them other then raising the dash?